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Namlet is one of the famous soft drinks in the Gulf countries including UAE. It was known before the appearance of other soft drinks such as Machin and Steam then the modern drinks such as Crush, Pepsi and Coca Cola…etc.

Namlet is in fact an alteration from "lemonade" meaning lemon juice, and it changed into "Namlet due to the spontaneity of the slang Arabic. It is the first soft drink that was known for the Gulf people during the 1920s, Britain is considered to be its home. The most known kinds of Namlet are "Namlet Botila" which was filled in a bottle which cap was a "Tila", i.e. a long piece of glass opened when pressed down and can't be taken out except by a machine.

To guarantee offering a cold Namlet in summer while there was no refrigerators back then, its glass bottles filled with the drink was used to be kept in a well, where water was cold in the "well refrigerator". A strong robe was used to lower down and lift up the bottles. "In winter, there was no need to be put into the well for the weather was enough to keep it cold" adding Al-Qamish. 

Some calls it "Botilla", while others call it "Tash ma Tash", after which the famous Saudi show is named.

Tash ma Tash in fact is an old game related to the way of opening the bottle caps. "Tash", the word that the boy screams out in the game, means that the bottle is filled with the gases that can burst out violently, while "Ma Tash" means the opposite. The game depends on how to open the bottle in a way that guarantees the gases will burst out or not, and theboys participating in the game are left to anticipate.